Recognize the Perfect Interpreter Instantly!

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To realize the true value and significance of an interpreter, it is important to bring the difference between interpreters and translators to the surface. A translator translates written text; whereas, an interpreter translates oral conversations. A great interpreter has command over both languages; the target and the source language, and translates them in both directions, without using dictionaries.

If you are looking for a qualified, experienced and competent interpreter for your business, make sure you look for the following qualities when evaluating your options:

A Well Prepared Individual

A good interpreter is always ready and willing to give their best in every project. In an attempt to offer high quality every time, they will prepare themselves and get as much information as possible about the meeting to be interpreted. Hence, try to determine an interpreter’s command over the subject matter and their specialization, to assess whether they are the right choice for the job.


This trait defines sincerity and professionalism of an individual, regardless of whichever position they apply for. With regard to interpretation, an interpreter is required to be present at the meeting location on time, as the meeting cannot take place without them. One of the major causes of frustration between the parties who are meeting one another; is the inability to communicate effectively. Therefore, make sure that the interpreter you hire is punctual and always reaches the location on time.

Ethical Behavior

Regardless of the field that interpreters work in, it is likely that they will encounter sensitive and confidential information. Aside from keeping confidential information to themselves, interpreters must also be impartial and accurately convert the message into the receptive language without any additions or deductions. In other words, they must not incorporate any misleading factors that alter the actual meaning of the message.

For instance, a medical interpreter can hugely impact a physician’s ability to save someone’s life by the way they interpret a message. Therefore, look for dedicated and honest professionals to carry out this significant task.

Culturally Rich

An interpreter must not only have good command over the languages, but also, over the culture. A bicultural person absorbs sensibilities, nuances and fine distinctions that are present in the spoken languages. The ultimate job of an interpreter is to fill in the cultural and conceptual gaps that are present between cultures and languages. Therefore, look for an interpreter who is culturally rich and sound.

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