How Does a Translation Agency Add Value to Your Chinese Video Localization?

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You recently published your English promotional video. Now what?

If you want to publish it on Chinese video platforms, you need to localize it. Here’s where the right translation agency comes in. Working with an agency who will manage the translation and localization project will help you focus more on your priorities.

A translation agency will have a team to spearhead the Chinese video localization and translation tasks. As you know, China is a big, diverse market. The team can help you figure out how you can make the most of your budget.

Here’s a list of how a translation agency can contribute to your Chinese video localization strategies:

1 Stress-free project management workflow

Instead of doing it yourself, you can send your videos and files to the team for assessment. They can handle short videos or even longer ones so they can assign translators and transcribers to handle the tasks.

A veteran agency has a system or workflow to meet the deadlines without compromising the quality of your videos. From transcribing the audio for translation of captions or subtitles, skillful translators should handle these tasks. A team of voice-over artists will take charge of the quality of the voice-overs that will be relevant to your audience.

2 Offers suggestions and insights that best suit your audience

It can be overwhelming which type of voice-over to use. The Chinese people are familiar with Mandarin and Cantonese. But Mandarin voice-overs are quite in demand. So, the agency can also provide you with voicebank samples that suit the theme and storyboard of your promotional video.

For example, if it’s a voice-over of your company’s investor’s pitch by your CEO, they can also suggest which voice (male or female) matches the overall storyline of your videos. A voice-over with a more formal and more engaging style is suitable. Of course, if you’re promoting a video in the beauty and cosmetics sector, they can help you assess which among the female voice-over artists are ideal for your videos.

3 Knowledgeable on cultural differences and nuisances

A veteran agency based in China already knows the “nooks and crannies” of the market. And this is an edge for you if you work with a team that handles foreign brands from the past. The team knows what works and what doesn’t work. Plus, they’re careful, too, when it comes to culture and the language nuisances.

Translating your scripts for the voice-over requires the skillful pro to work on them, and if some lines or phrases that are quite offensive or un-translatable. They can give you a heads up on how they can tweak those lines and make sure the voice-overs are spoken naturally. If your overall English video might spark controversy among netizens, they’d also suggest other alternatives where you can localize and make the video more appealing, rather than repelling to your audience.

4 Support and management of local social media or video platforms

Aside from translation and localization of your videos, a good translation agency can contribute to your social media marketing plans. They can provide support and management if you wish to publish them to local social media channels and video platforms in China.

This may be an add-on service aside from the translation and voice-over projects. But this can give you an edge for you to gain more exposure when you publish them to local channels and accounts.

Ready to work with a translation agency?

LIMPID has handled video translation and localization of foreign brands, profit and non-profit organizations. If you need help in promoting your videos to the Chinese audience, click the image below to get in touch with the team.

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