What Makes for a Proficient Chinese Translation Agency?

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Language barriers can cause real problems if you’re doing business in a foreign country. To make things go smoothly, it’s important to hire a firm that’s well versed with the market.

A translation service can meticulously pass your information on to a foreign audience and make sure that the essence of the message isn’t lost. The translation and interpretation industry demand has forecasted the revenue to reach $4193 million by 2022. If you’re in search of a translation service, you’re probably cautious when it comes to choosing one. After all, you need a reliable service since you’re dealing with a whole new language.

Here are some tips to help you find a good translation agency:


The most important consideration when enlisting the services of a translation agency is the fluency of its members/staff. Every translator must be experienced and fluent in both the language they’re translating and the translated language.

Real proficiency goes beyond the ability to write, read, and speak a language. A translator must understand the grammatical structure of sentences and how they must be adapted to convey the message in its original form. Tenses are a major part of a translator’s knowledge; they ensure the translated material is grammatically correct and not misunderstood. If you don’t have any way to verify a translator’s fluency, ask a local to help you out.

Real world experience

Even though translation software exists, nothing compares to the results produced by a linguist. Translators’ real world experiences give them unique insight into the culture. This knowledge incorporates slang and colloquial terms that are often left out of translation software.

The best translations are the ones that don’t sound translated. The script needs to flow well and incorporate cultural motifs into it.


A good translator speaks and understands the language in depth; a great translator, on the other hand, also studies the topic being translated in depth. This helps them gain unprecedented knowledge on the subject so that they can do justice to the job.

Good translators specialize in a particular topic or sector. This helps them add as much information to the topic as possible or as required.

Are able to work on tight deadlines

Accuracy and attention to detail are essential when translating any piece of information. There will be times when you want information translated on a tight schedule. A subpar translation agency may get the work done but not to the level you would want.

Achieving accuracy on a tight schedule should be left to the experienced translators. The agency you book must be known for adhering to timelines set by you.

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