3 Qualities to Look For In a Mandarin Voice-Over Artist

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International expansion comes with its own set of challenges, as the locale needs to develop a connection with your product before they consider adding it to their cart.

Expansion to countries like China is even more arduous, due to the existence of fierce competition in Chinese economic spaces and a strong language barrier. Hiring a Chinese voice over artist to advertise your product in a language widely understood by the locals can help your business gain a strong foothold in the local market.

Here’s a list of some qualities your chosen mandarin voice-over artist should have:

1. Native Chinese Speaker:

A native mandarin speaking voice over artist has multiple advantages over the ones who acquire mandarin as a second language. Chinese language has four set of tones that are sometimes the only distinguishing factor between two words.

For example, shì is the Chinese word for ‘is, am, are’ while shí is the word for the number ‘ten’. The only difference between these two words is the tone with which they are pronounced. To mitigate the possibility to miscommunication due to mispronounced words, it’s better to hire a chinese voice over artist whose first language is mandarin.

2. Voice Acting:

Anyone can narrate a few lines. To effectively deliver the idea behind the content, it’s important for the voice over artist to have the ability to act with their voice. Your artist should be able to creatively express emotions of the script to make a convincing case for customers.For a great Chinese voice over translation, your talent should have some serious acting chops in addition to exceptional mandarin speaking skills.

3. Voice Control and Technical Skills:

A rule to keep in consideration when selecting a mandarin voice over artist is that they should possess superior voice quality and a strong command over technical skills. Prospective buyers are more likely to be attracted toward an advertisement delivered in a crisp, clear voice, agreeable to the ears. The artist must also be familiar with the controls of local recording gear, to tune out any disturbances that could lead to a bad voice over job.

Chinese voice over is a complex art that requires consistent practice and a deep understanding of emotions. It is also an important component of product localization and penetrating Chinese market without it is virtually impossible.

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