Content Marketing in China – Is Content King in China Too?

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A superpower, China currently owns to a population of well over 1 million residents. With improving economic conditions comes higher potential of growth. For marketers, this means opportunity.

There’s been a surge in the ecommerce industry over the past few years however, something else has caught sight of the business field: Content Marketing.

It’s no question as to how China is officially becoming a business hub, although it’s still quite difficult to actually make an entrance into the Chinese market. With the growth of technology, new and improved ways have been brought about the marketing strategy of business. Keeping that in mind, China has adopted Content Marketing as the newest strategy of business.

Online Marketing in China

What does China say?

Content Marketing has indeed taken its toll in the global marketing strategic, however, what happens globally doesn’t particularly happen in China as well. So how does Content Marketing work in China?

Well, let’s start by pointing out how more than half of China’s population is dedicated to spending their free time surfing through the internet. This means that the more they surf, the more they’re able to witness the genius of great content at work.

Chinese content marketing is more focused on providing excellent quality content which means, if you’re opting to promote your brand, the audience will be looking at:

  • A strategy which effectively introduces the brand into the market
  • Who you’ll be targeting to
  • How well you’re executing your introductory strategy etc.

Content Marketing: how is it growing?

By understanding its purpose, entrepreneurs are beginning to embed this strategy into their marketing techniques. The most common platforms they use for Content marketing are:


Companies are now turning their attention toward formulating proper, high quality content for attention towards their brands. This along with proper Chinese SEO service, they are able to bring in traffic towards their sites.

Social media

The second most popular platform used for content marketing is social media platforms. Since most Chinese spend more than half of their time on these platforms, they have more exposure to the content being posted there. Amongst those are the contents that entrepreneurs advertise or market.

Content Marketing In China And China Digital Marketing

Looking to make a mark in China? You’ll have to begin with localizing your brand. Apart from that, make sure the content that you post is in Chinese so that more traffic is attracted in toward your site. For this, you’ll need effective Chinese translation services—and where better to find it than with us? We are experts in Chinese localization. We help address all your marketing needs.