China’s e-commerce market drives the retail sales growth and is expected to grow by 42.1% from US$672.01 billion, accounting for nearly half of the global e-commerce market. This is a huge opportunity for e-commerce companies, despite the risks and challenges in this industry. That’s where LIMPID’s e-commerce - translation, localization, web development, support and consulting - services come in.Our services include the translation and localization of the e-commerce website to Chinese - the texts, codes, elements and framework of the site suitable for online shoppers. Spare yourself from the headaches of running your e-commerce site as we provide China hosting services to get things done - let the team do the work for you.We can help make your e-commerce ventures successful in China with expert e-commerce translation solutions.Whether you are a retailer or a service provider, our localization and translation services can appropriately interpret your website into correct Chinese mandarin language and terminology or your clientele.From marketing material to social media content and a lot more, we can help create a holistic e-commerce experience in Chinese language for your business.Get in touch with us today to give your ecommerce the right local resources for success in China!


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