Email Marketing and Content Creation—Best Practices in China

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While in the previous blogs, we discussed design elements to take into consideration when preparing a Chinese EDM campaign, this blog emphasizes more on the ‘content’ aspect of Email Marketing in China.

Needless to mention, when catering to Chinese audiences, the trends, rules and regulations differ.

Of course, the content of email marketing campaigns in China is going to be as significant as the graphics and arrangement. Hence, it is vital that contents of the emails comply with the culture.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Headline

Headlines are probably the most crucial part of emails. There is a great likelihood of your recipient continuing reading the email if the headline is intriguing. Each and everything that comes afterwards must be presented in the descending order of importance. 

For promotional emails, the headline must have few, impactful words. Chinese marketing experts can reduce the text volume without compromising its impact.

While in the west, it is a common practice to utilize informal and light tone when composing marketing emails, it is frowned upon in China. It conveys low level of commitment and insincerity. Therefore, utilize a neutral language for headlines.

Subject Line

This is probably the first thing your email recipient will read. The general rule of thumb is that subject lines cannot afford to look ‘spammy’. Marketers are consistently trying to devise new and innovative ideas, ascertaining that subject lines also serve the purpose of ‘hooks’ that engage readers.  

Developing a subject line primarily depends on the corporate profile of your business and email recipient. For instance, a basic indicator of what the message is about will work fine for current mailing list of given audience who are well-aware of the brand.

However, for new audiences who are going to receive unfamiliar messages, it’s best to come up with subject lines that are not too generic.  

Links to Downloadable Content

Don’t add links to downloadable content including apps etc. In case the email needs to incorporate such links, marketers must also incorporate a disclaimer mentioning that the downloadable content is free from spyware, malware or other cyber threats.

Have the written document ready in advance to be shown upon request to authorities in China.

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