Selecting China Voice Talent for Multimedia and Voice Localization

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China Voice Talent: Even the most excellent marketing campaign is ineffective if the audience for whom it’s targeted can’t understand or connect with the content.

This includes information provided to an audience in a language they’re familiar with. In spite of the language, information that is distorted or unclear will not compel your target audience to buy your product or service.

That’s where voice localization comes in.

China Voice Talent

It’s The Era of Multimedia Localization

Soon enough, information will leave the confines of hardback copies and textbook, placing video and audio at the forefront of this digital and incredibly dynamic culture.

In fact, multimedia has already taken precedence is brand marketing. If used the right way, can effectively connect target audience to the desired message. Wish to integrate multimedia localization into your marketing strategy?

You’ll have to select appropriate voice-over talent first. This is how;  

What Is Your Content Type?

Consider type of content (requiring audio) before selecting the voice-over talent for the job. Ask these questions: is the video of an animated cartoon or illustration? Determine the type of content and you’ll find the suitable talent.

Amateur, for example, are well suited for;

  • Online Trainings
  • Short Videos (How-to, Product Demos)
  • Website Tours

On the other hand, a professional voice over talent is better suited to do high profile content like;

  • Video Games
  • Movie Trailers, TV, Podcasts
  • Audio-books
  • Ads, Promotional Materials and Commercials
Hiring Voice Over Talent Agencies in China

China Voice Talent: Decide What Your Voice Profile Is Going To Be?

Do you know what that is? Your China Voice Talent is going to be a list of carefully considered qualities that’ll help bring your brand to the forefront and make it known to the target audience.

Due consideration should be given to voice profile.

  • Are you looking for a male voice or a female one?
  • Do you want the voice-over to be in a certain accent?
  • Whatever the quality, the selected voice-over talent needs to match the target market demographic. 

Quality of Recording Setup Should Be?

As a rule, brands should look for a voice recording setup that promises best quality results. You don’t want to turn away with your video localization efforts by employing professionals who use less than professional audio recording setup. Expect to pay for the studio, audio engineer and possible travel costs for voice talents, although you can find many services that make use of their own equipment, facilities and even talent.

Since quality provided in a recording studio paired with professional grade talent is unmatched as compared to competitors, you’ll do well to hire our Chinese voice over services.       

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