China Web Traffic: How Translating Your Website in Chinese Will Help

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China Web Traffic: Maximizing conversions from international audiences is a primary factor that drives website traffic, and ultimately, sales. It is true that our native language has a massive bearing on our behavior, attitude and purchasing habits.

According to a research published in Harvard Business Review (HBR), around 72.1% of the consumers spend their time on websites that are in their own language. This is an enormous indictor for businesses who develop their website in a single language, ultimately restricting their business growth and exposure.  

The same research also revealed that 72.4% of consumers prefer buying a product using information in their own language. This means that more and more people are now undertaking internet-based research in their own language prior to making a purchase. Therefore, if the product information is not given in their language, they may not buy it at all.

Another astounding statistic stated that 56.2% of consumers say that the availability of product information is more important to them than its price. All in all, the language you use has a huge impact on your website traffic and sales.

If you want to enhance your conversion, you need to employ some tactics. And we bring to you just that!

Localize the Live Chat

Giving a human touch in the digital globe, live chat is a great promoter as it offers immediate support to customers relating to a product/service. If you fail to answer your clients’ queries, there are bright chances that they will eventually turn away. So, in order to promote conversion, you can translate the invitation to chat into multiple languages. Moreover, you will find software that also allows for simultaneous translation so that customers instantly get their answers in a comprehensible format.

Translate the Most Popular Pages on the Site

Instead of translating the entire website, you can always choose to translate pages that have the maximum viewership and can possibly contribute to conversion. By making use of Google Analytics, you can determine which pages have the most unique views, and ultimately have them translated. However, there are times when certain pages are very popular on the website but have no connection in generating conversions. Consider these aspects when translating the site pages.

Translate the Typical Suspects

If you lack proper analytical tracking, then there are other means of prioritizing pages for translation. Generally, businesses are seen translating content on pages that consist of product information and prices, answers to common client queries (FAQ), and the company overview.

Hence, the pages that you should more likely be translating include:

  • The Home Page,
  • Products page,
  • About Us page,
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page,
  • Contact us page.

Thinking of entering the Chinese markets? This Asian market is thriving, offering tremendous sales opportunities for businesses. To deal with that, you may need the assistance of online English to Chinese translation service. 

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