Here is How You Can Attract Chinese Tourists to Your Travel Agency Website

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In the past few years, the tourism industry worldwide has been able to attract new audience. Given the success of the Chinese economy, Chinese tourists seem to be making the most of this opportunity. Nonetheless, tourism companies, operators and travel agents are persistently finding it difficult to attract the audience.

According to recent statistics, it is predicted that China’s travel market is expected to reach a market value of $675 billion in 2020. Moreover, last year, more than 100 million Chinese tourists traveled all around the world. Needless to say, most of them were upper-middle class people who preferred traveling outside of their home country. Since more than half of the Chinese tourists fall into the age bracket of 20-39 year old, it is unfortunate that this category of target audience is often underestimated by marketers.

To keep up with China’s reputation, it’s imperative to capitalize on this opportunity and devise an effective strategy, aimed at the right groups of people. Stated below are some essential tips that can help you attract Chinese tourists to your travel agency website:

Chinese Tourists

Translate Your Website and Brochures in Chinese

The first thing that travel agents must do in order to draw the spotlight towards them is translating their website and other marketing materials in Chinese. This does not mean simply translating the website into Chinese; but making the content valuable in terms of SEO and localization. Maximize the usage of social media on your website and make certain that the most important WebPages of the site are effectively translated into Chinese.

Utilize Multimedia Effectively

Chinese tourists like to view the places that they will be visiting in the form of pictures and videos. Produce attractive videos in Chinese voiceovers in order to attract Chinese tourists and increase their awareness about particular destinations. So, if you want to drastically increase the number of Chinese visitors to your travel agency, have a well-established and effective digital communication campaign to spark  an instant connection with the target audience.

Chinese Tourists: Select the Right Social Media

The internet is a crucial part of our everyday lives. This is specifically true in China. According to statistics, China topped the list of countries that had the maximum amount of internet users in 2014. Hence, in order to attract Chinese tourists to your travel agency website, you can make the most of this Chinese micro blogging service named, Weibo. Having more than 600 million registered users, you can effectively engage a large number of Chinese tourists using the resource.

There’s so much more to translating your website. Marketers refer to it as localization. It is via this, that you not only make information available and comprehendible, but also portray it in a manner so that it makes a connection with your target audience!

The best way to translate web content from English to Chinese is by employing professionals. That’s where we come in. From English to Chinese voice translation to software localization and more, expect nothing but the best from our native translators and interpreters.