Ten reasons why you should have Multilingual Websites – Part Two

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Multilingual Websites: This blog post is a continuation to our last post ‘Ten reasons why you should have a Multilingual Website-Part 1’ where we discussed the various reasons as to why you should consider making your website accessible in multiple languages.

While the importance of multilingual websites from a business perspective should be clear to you by now, here are 5 more reasons that will help convince you to make the modifications:

#6-Multilingual Websites Allows You to Build Trust

Multilingual Website

For most users, especially those belonging to different cultures, the idea of buying over the internet is an issue of trust. This trust issue becomes more problematic when users are not proficient in the language the website offers.

Once you offer multilingual options, you provide your customers with alternatives, using which, they feel secure in the fact that they know what they are buying, from whom and how. If you have an FAQ page translated in your potential customer’s language, it comes as an added benefit for the business.

#7-Give Customers the Cultural Comfort Zone

A well-designed multilingual website helps overcome potential cultural barriers by allowing access to them, in their native language. This eventually enables customers to shop around in a cultural comfort zone where they can conveniently navigate, interact with and understand the website.

#8-Gain Competitive Leverage

To get a competitive advantage in today’s business environment, you need to think differently. The primary idea of marketing is to offer something your competitors don’t, ultimately differentiating yourself.

Take a look at your competitors. If they have multilingual websites, then why don’t you? If they don’t have multilingual websites, then why not lead the industry and establish your brand before they do?

#9-Come Off As an International Brand

Your brand image is everything. A multilingual website shows and demonstrates that your brand is accessible worldwide. Whether you are well established around the world or not, when customers see you offer them services in their own language, they perceive you as an internationally active brand.

#10-Search Engines Will Love You

Search engines help bring more audience to your website. In countries like France, Japan and China, MSN, Google and Yahoo are not the default search engines. In these countries, home grown search engines are gaining rising popularity as they function flawlessly in the native language and are better at understanding the needs of the users. Such search engines are the key to tapping international markets and you might miss out on a lot of businesses if you don’t have a website that is accessible in different languages.

Presently, multilingual websites are being used by a handful of companies that are serious about gaining a strong foothold in the international market. If you choose to invest, now or later, is the only choice you have.

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