Ten reasons why you should have a Multilingual Website – Part One

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The internet constantly continues to grow and has successfully become the default platform for conducting business and for people searching for services and goods or their related information.

For businesses that are looking to gain a competitive advantage, a multilingual website offers the highest impact in terms of greater sales and helps secure a better client base.

Multilingual Website

Gradually, as the process of internalization unfolds, multilingual websites will continue to become necessary for businesses.

Here are a few reasons why you should have your multilingual website designed today:

#1-It will allow you to shift away from English internet users

The internet began as an English speaker’s invention which is why it is dominated by English users. However, with the evolving state of the internet and access being available to users from China to New Zealand, English users will soon become a minority.

A research study conducted by a leading firm also concluded that foreign markets are ‘low hanging fruits’. If your company has the will and insight, you could bring in huge amounts of revenue with comparatively little effort.

This is because the easiest opportunities are in countries where internet usage patterns and user relationships are less established. Once you acquire users in markets that are in their growing stages, you will then end up with a loyal customer base that will pay dividends for your company for years to come.

#2-Practically affordable marketing tool

Modifying your website so that it caters to an entirely new international audience will certainly yield results. This will not just be true a financial terms, but also in terms of creating awareness for your offerings.

A multilingual website is probably among the most cost effective tools to market your company, capture users and build strong relationships that give your brand an international outlook.

#3-New customers

Ultimately, a multilingual website helps bring in new users. By making your website visible to thousands of different people, you get a chance to highlight your company across the globe. Your multilingual website also works as an automatic tool to grab the attention of non-English speakers.

#4-Increase sales

Why look around for online English to Chinese translators? Because for every language that you add to your website; there is the potential for an increase of up to 80% to 100% in sales. Even if you choose to translate your website in merely a few of the world’s most spoken languages like Spanish, German, or French, you could boost your sales tenfold.

#5-Become customer centered

Apart from all the other reasons, a multilingual website shows that you genuinely care for your customers. A little extra care shows that you thought about your customers around the world when developing your website. As with anything else, if the customers believe that you care, they will eventually want to do business with you and be associated with your brand.

Businesses have witnessed major changes in the past decade and continue to grow rapidly. If you find yourself asking questions like, why should you look for online English to Chinese translators? Or why you should have your website translated from English to Chinese in the first place, then consider these reasons. Stay tuned for 5 more reasons why having a multilingual website is important. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking to add more languages to your website