Translate your Website into Chinese Because…..

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Translate Website Chinese : When it comes to branding of a product, business, or service in the Chinese Market, the foreign companies approaching the subject need to be aware of all the unique ways in which this particular market is different and separate from the more familiar western ones.

 While there are some practices in online marketing that are universal, Western brands in China shouldn’t overlook the importance of following the rules of Chinese SEO. One of these rules makes it mandatory to translate the website into the language widely spoken in the country i.e. Chinese Mandarin when marketing any product.

This is why;

Cost Effectiveness

It only makes sense to translate the website content into the language being predominantly spoken (Mandarin in this case) as doing so will not only be incredibly cost effective but also help in forming a certain and positive image of the brand. Your target market will recognize your business as ‘local’ even if foreign if customers are addressed in their own language.   


The internet has long been dominated by English speaking users but not anymore. Now English is becoming to be the language of a web minority, pushed back by speakers of Chinese and other languages. This is why translating website content into Chinese is the smartest way to reach and spread brand awareness to emerging markets.   


The Chinese language has over 400 different and incredibly diverse dialects, many of which are mutually unintelligible. In actuality, simply referring to the language as being Chinese is too vague, therefore in order to reach out to all the different dialect speaking people in China, you will have to correctly translate and interpret website content.  


Internet usage in China is predicted to increase in double the amount of the entire U.S. population, in 2016. For foreign brands and businesses entering the Chinese market, this means that their target audience will increase exponentially in the next year due to which having website content translated to Chinese will benefit marketing strategy as more people will have access to the platform.    

Reach and Coverage

Translating your website into Chinese and adopting its market specific SEO norms will give a huge advantage as far as reach and coverage of new target markets and audiences is concerned. This will further help in expansion of your operations as well.

Since we have established how much important translating your website to Chinese is,  why not get in touch with Limpid Translations for our best Chinese specific SEO and marketing, as well as translation services?