How Is Baidu SEO Different From Google SEO

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Baidu SEO:Baidu has become China’s number 1 search engine, in just a few years since its inception in 2000. Founded by Chinese search scientist and entrepreneur Robin Li, it has become the most popular with approximately 80% of the share in overall search engine market of the county.

If you are thinking of investing in any industry or have already started a business but now want to generate traffic and revenue, Baidu or Chinese SEO is ideal for getting the exposure that’s needed.

Baidu SEO

Following are some differences that the SEO of Google has with Baidu;


When it comes to indexing new websites and pages, Google has set a much lower threshold as compared to Baidu. This means that the originality factor of the website content isn’t as important to Google but the opposite is true for Chinese SEO, which in turn increases the indexing time for websites. There will however be dramatic improvement in ranking and traffic once the new website is indexed.


The homepage part of a website is given more attention and importance, which means that the homepage content has to be of incredible quality in order to get a good ranking.  In stark difference, Google lays emphasis on each page of the website, which is why even a cursory search result will showcase ‘deeper’ or ‘inside’ pages of a website.

Baidu SEO:Updates

One effective way to improve ranks, either on Google or Baidu is to frequently update the content of your website. There’s however one difference that should be mentioned as far as this is concerned: even with regular updating of website with quality content, it can still remain in the same position on Google but that isn’t the case with Baidu SEO.

These are the salient and most important differences that a digital marketer just entering into the fray of Baidu SEO should know about. As far as inbound and external links are concerned with;  

Quantity Is More Important Than Quality: In Baidu SEO, it doesn’t matter from where the links are gotten from nor does it play a big role when it comes to website rankings. On a similar note, gaining links from reputable and well ranking Chinese sites is preferred more than English sites.

Ranking of Website Can Improve Dramatically: Google believes in improving website rankings in a more steady and gradual manner that takes a few months at the very least to happen. With the help of Chinese SEO however, website rakings on Baidu have a better chance of improving at a faster rate.

While there are a lot of advantages of using Chinese SEO for marketing your business idea, product or service in local markets, you won’t be able to make much difference if Baidu SEO isn’t part of your skill set. This is where Limpid Translations comes into the picture; with our excellent Chinese SEO services as well as content marketing that are designed so that your website can receive the best ranking and retain it on Baidu.