Top Tips for Conducting and Attending Business Meetings in China

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Business Meetings in China? It does make sense to want to know about the culture of a country you are visiting, so why shouldn’t it be the same for when you visit another country but for business reasons instead? Say, you are visiting China for a very important meeting. How you conduct yourself among the people there will pay a very important role in forwarding your business idea.

Business Meetings in China

Business Meetings in China: What to Expect In a Typical Meeting

The Chinese value punctuality above everything, so put an alarm for well before you would have normally woken up for the meeting. Secondly; formality is a big part of Chinese meetings but we also add a bit of ritual into the mix. Other areas that you will have to pay attention to are;

Remember the Dates

 Scheduling a meeting on any national holiday, especially the Chinese New Year isn’t a good idea as the entire country shuts down for such dates. In addition to this, The 1st of May and October are holidays so remember to check the Chinese calendar before scheduling.     

Prepare In Advance

This tip is pretty obvious to know about and follow. Preparing in advance will make sure that your business plan doesn’t have any loose ends and that you effectively pass it on to your Chinese hosts. The best way to do that is by presenting the business plan via a video or PowerPoint presentation but for this you will need to be proficient in Mandarin. For this step, Limpid Translations has got you well covered by providing the best English to Chinese Mandarin translation services!

Consider the Meeting Room Set-up

You must convey any specific requirements to your host regarding this, prior to the meeting. This will not only save them from the inconvenience of setting up the equipment needed on the spot but also make sure that the important time of everyone else isn’t wasted.

Business Meetings in China: Pay Heed to the Dress Code

The West has had a lot of influence over the past few years in the dress code of China. However, while people are relaxed and wearing casual clothing on the streets, there’s a completely different matter inside the boardroom. It also depends on what working level your hosts fall in i.e. government officials and top management of any company dress formally while the business people below them adopt a more casual style.

Introductions Are Important

Addressing seniors first is a sign of respect, so find who holds the senior positions and address them first. Your counterparts must be addressed by their title i.e. Chairman, Director etc, and when it comes to introducing yourself, don’t forget to state your company’s name and the position held.       

Proper Giving and Receiving Of Business Cards

Just the same as introductions, hand out your business card to the most senior official present in the meeting first. Remember to use both hands when giving or receiving anything of value, i.e. the business card in this case. It’s also a good idea to have your business cards translated into Mandarin Chinese on one side.

Even if this will be your first time conducting or attending a business meeting in China, following the tips will make sure that the important thing, i.e. your company gets the attention it requires along with the respect and hospitality of your hosts, which won’t be hard to get.  

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