Some Invaluable Tips for Near-Perfect Chinese Audio Localization

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Chinese Audio Localization : During the course of your multimedia content development, one effortlessly comes to know that doing so is not at all an easy and inexpensive undertaking.

If you seriously want to contain those additional costs, you’ve got to be right at the first attempt. The same falls true for audio localization. For instance, if you make two mistakes and it multiplies with the number of languages, you can only imagine how big these mistakes can turn out to be.

To enhance the overall speed and quality of your audio localization while reducing risks and streamlining the process, follow the list of invaluable tips below:

Have an Accurate Recorded Script

When localizing a video, it is essential to have an accurate recorded script. Although the voice-over artist follows the content in the script, some errors and eleventh-hour edits are bound to occur.

Moving a sequence to another spot or a plain line cut can move away the audio from the original script, causing the entire video to lose its value and impact.

Only true professionals manage to keep track of such minute yet impactful mistakes; hence, make certain that you cross-check whether the copy matches the final version of the video.

Set-Up the Script as Per Audio Recording Specifications

To make sure that the audio ensues smoothly, effectively and efficiently, your audio script must stringently hold fast to the formatting guidelines. It is important to understand that this process is not painstaking and hard-hitting.

All you need is a studio with audio script template to make sure that the recording script is formatted with utmost precision and exactitude before it enters the translation phase.

An ideal script is the one whose layout is in table format and each row keeps up a correspondence with a singular audio file.

Chinese Audio Localization : Prepare a List of Characters

Chinese Audio Localization

When a video demands a voice-over of multiple artists, it is sensible to prepare a character list that includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Other characteristics.

This way your studio can decide on the casting of roles correctly, determining the number of voice-over artists needed and evading the mistake of casting a female voice over a male talent.

Leaving Space for Language Expansion

English is by far one of the most compact languages in the world today. If you translate content into other languages such as Spanish or Japanese, the content automatically inflates by 30%.

If you fail to accommodate space in the video for expanded recorded time, it would be nearly impractical to fit in foreign language into the video without speaking too fast or eliminating matter from the original script during the course of translation.

By incorporating these options, you can distort the actual message of the video and its impact. The only viable thing to do is leave some buffer within the video through some seconds of silence. This will give the script a natural flow and allow for smooth translation.

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