Suggestions for an Effective Chinese Voice Over

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Voiceovers may seem simple and straight forward to execute, but the reality is that they can be immensely stressful and time consuming for even the most sought-after professionals.

They are not only an effective way to evoke emotions or to get an important message across to the audiences, but without voiceovers the media wouldn’t have had the same impact and businesses wouldn’t have generated such whopping revenues.

Here are a few top tips that can help you create effective Chinese voice-over that can engage, entertain and enlighten your audiences in no time:

Map It Out

Before you sit down and start preparing your script or even hit the record button, make sure you create a detailed, meticulous and thorough outline of what should be included in the voiceover.

Think of all the important aspects that can make your voiceover more engaging and the right places to incorporate them. It is best to develop a list of learning goals/objectives/ideas for mid-way assistance.

For best results, try to map out the flow of the script, the variations in the tone and the supportive images, graphics and videos to include.

Keep It Natural and Interactive

While maintaining a sense of professionalism, ensure that the voice over is engaging, intriguing and interactive. Your audience would hands down prefer to hear someone that sounds personable, friendly and compassionate than someone robotic.

So, when working on the script, think about ways you can make it sound more innate and natural. However, don’t skip on being informative and authentic.

Your listeners must feel that the speaker has great command over the topic and is reliable. Being natural is a great way of establishing a deep connection with the audiences, indirectly persuading them to buy your product/service.

Clock Time

When preparing your voiceover script, bear in mind that 100 words usually equate to 1 minute of recording time. By remembering this, you will be able to keep your recordings brief and appealing, instead of lengthy and boring.

Furthermore, it will permit you to time your screen transitions; for instance, if you are putting in 100 words on a screen, then you will have a fair idea that you’ll have to leave up the screen for at least a minute to allow readers to digest the underlying concept.

Effective Chinese Voice-over

Effective Chinese Voice-over with Limpid Translations

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