Seeking a Career as a Voice-Over Artist? Bust These Myths First!

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Limpid Translations is well known for its excellent Chinese voice over services for any type of video production, and subtitle voice over. Our voices-over artists are highly professional. We know that a lot of people have aspirations to become voice over artists, but they are often scared away by the many myths surrounding the profession.

Today we are going to set the record straight. Read on to find out the ones that are true and those that are nothing but fiction.

Only a Good Actor Can Be a Good Voice-Over Artist

Not necessarily. Most voice actors come from very diverse backgrounds. A lot of them have a different side profession. Actors are usually more proficient in acting out proper emotions. Being an actor is a plus point if you want to become a voice over artist, but it’s not mandatory.

Only People with a Deep Voice Can Become Voice-Over Artists

Businesses use voice over artists for audio and video presentations, or to dub or narrate explainer videos and short films. Not all characters in a movie or a presentation are expected to have a deep voice. There is always a need for artists with different types of voices. So don’t let this deter you.

It Has a Very Short Life

No, it doesn’t. But it all depends on how well you handle the way your voice changes as you grow up. You can make a lifelong career out of this. As your voice changes, so will the nature of the projects you work on.

You Can Be a Successful Voice-Over Artist Only If You Have Your Own Equipment

Yes, and no. Having your own equipment will make you an ideal choice for clients to turn to if they want to have the job done quickly or if they don’t have the equipment. But most voice-over artists prefer to work at professional recording studios.

Men Get More Voice-Over Jobs Than Women

Absolutely not. It’s an equal opportunity field. Men as well as women can do a voice over adequately. It merely depends on whether the job requires a male or a female voice.

Demos Are a Waste of Time

Not at all. Demos help you get your voice out there. Your potential client can hear a sample recording of your voice without you having to audition in person. So record a good demo and start distributing it today.

To know more about becoming a voice-over artist, or to get the best English to Chinese translator online, get in touch with Limpid.