Expecting These Services From Your Translation Provider Is Fair!

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When you hire someone to translate some important content for you that directly affects your business, then it is your right to expect certain things from your translation provider.

Expecting a certain level of quality is fair as you should receive good value for your money and time. Below we are going to list a few aspects that are totally reasonable for you to expect from your translator:

Two-way Communication

You should be able to contact your translation service provider at any time within reasonable business hours. If possible, you should be put directly in touch with the translating team. Sometimes you need to make last minute changes to the content and you need to make the translation team aware of it immediately.

Also, your translation team may not be able to understand the theme or the tone of the content and therefore need to get in touch with you. In such instances, you need direct communication with the translators to get your vision across.

Cultural References and Phrases

It doesn’t matter whether the content you want translated is for business purposes or not. Almost all presentations will be useless with only direct translations.

For your content to be relatable to the local audience, the text needs to have some cultural reference and local phrases. Your content not only needs to be translated into a different language, it also needs to be morphed to suit another culture.


You need a translation service in the first place because you don’t speak or understand that specific language yourself. Therefore, there is no way you will be able to detect any mistakes in the translated content.

It might be very embarrassing to have your clients or acquaintances point out some irregularities. Therefore, insist that the content should be delivered to you only after it has been thoroughly reviewed.

On Time

Translation of large texts can take a long time. But it is the responsibility of your translation provider to give you a specific date on which your content would be delivered so that you can arrange everything accordingly.

A good translation service provider will deliver on time, while an inefficient one might leave you hanging for a long time.


You should always talk about rates before the job begins. Absolutely refuse to pay any additional charges for excuses like ‘the work is too complicated’ or ‘we need more translators’, etc.  

Our clients choose Limpid to translate English to Mandarin Chinese and vice versa for software localization and web and mobile content, because they know that they will get only the highest quality of services.

We hope that these points will help you pick a proficient translation service like ours for any other language. But for the best online Chinese translator, contact us right now!

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