4 Industries That Can Prosper With Chinese Translation Services

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Unlike Europe or the U.S.A., the culture, lifestyle, and language in China are greatly different. The reverence that the Chinese have for their mother tongue surpasses their need to rely on the English language. Although formally trained to converse in English, Chinese locals would rather read, write, and converse in Chinese.

Mandarin—and not English—is the most widely spoken tongue by 840 million people. English, in opposition, is only spoken by 360 million people. Mandarin (or Putonghua) is also the standard language in China—spoken by 70% of the locals—which makes it imperative for industries to achieve fluency in the language. Doing so results in business growth and economic prosperity, as well as recognition in China.

And some industries have more to gain than others.

Finance and Banking

Finance and banking are so much more than a means of accumulating and safeguarding money. These establishments dictate the course of global trading and getting new customers regularly is the key to ensuring that. Clear communication is the cornerstone of smooth business in the finance and banking sector. Locals need to understand many financial documents and transactions, forms and regulations in order to place their trust in a business.

The IT Industry

The IT industry is one of the leading forces in China. The projects handled by a company in the IT industry are globally significant and involve technical documents for an effective statement of facts. Technical documents are actually pretty tough to translate, and professional technical experience with translation is required.

Tourism and Travel

China is a hub of tourism. By 2020, 2.38 billion trips will have been made to the country. The country is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world, which means that the travel and tourism industry can make big money.

However, in order to place and cement yourself in such a competitive market (because you can bet a hundred locals will be volunteering to take tourists around the Great Wall for peanuts), you need to ensure you have a multilingual team onboard. Understand the local arena and the culture to guide tourists and travelers better. Additionally, travel documents and pamphlets, leaflets and brochures, privacy policies and terms and conditions need to be translated into global languages to better aid tourists.


The digital marketing universe, and anything remotely related to the internet—from online marketing to social media management—is a promising one. From web development to designing and optimization to online marketing, you can make it big in China—only if you understand the local consumer.

Whether your business depends on its online bases or whether you’re a digital marketing solutions provider, translation is the key to success. You can’t sell a product or a service if you don’t understand what the local consumers are looking for!

Time to Get Crackin’

Start today with LIMPID’s professional Chinese language translation and Mandarin voice over services to give your business in China a sizeable boost if you belong to any of these industries. Give our Hong Kong office a call at +1-877-574-2407 to know more about the services we offer.