How to Approach Customers with a Different Culture?

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On the global marketing stage, many different international brands are vying for the attention of millions, and in some cases billions, of potential consumers. Marketers are using every strategy and tool in their arsenal. They are trying to find that winning formula that will let them approach culturally diverse customers.

To achieve success where others have failed – remember the following tips to approach customers with a different culture:

Study the Culture

Every brand performs a market survey before they launch a new product. Learning about the culture of a new country can be thought of as an in-depth market survey. You have to know the social practices and traditions of the country whose market you are about to enter. Before you can develop any kind of marketing strategy, you will have to learn how local businesses operate and how the popular ones have achieved success. This will give you an idea on how you can initiate your marketing plan and launch your products or services in a particular country.

Hear the Response

Start a tentative marketing campaign online using social media. Listen to what the local people think about your products. People will formulate an opinion about your company and through social media you can know what they think. This will help you develop an effective marketing strategy.


After all the research and studies are complete, you can develop a marketing plan to reach the customers. The insights that you gain with your research will let you approach the customers using the trends and knowledge of the local region. You can set goals that you want to achieve in the region and enact a strategy that will let to attain those goals, in that particular locality.

Localize the Strategy

The most important thing to remember when finalizing your marketing approach in a foreign country, is to localize you message. Hire a localization or translation service and transform your messages into being more local friendly. You can translate your advertisements, use local language voiceovers and use references that are relatable for the local audience.

If you adhere to the tips provided above, you should have no problem approaching foreign consumers and turn them into your loyal customers.