How to Ace Your Business Meetings in China

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Do you have a business meeting in China coming up? If so, prepare to brush up on the etiquette and protocols that will make your meeting go smoothly. From mastering the basics of politeness to anticipating cultural differences, there are things you should consider when engaging with Chinese business partners to ace your meetings.

By understanding what’s expected of you, you will be better prepared for a successful encounter and build relationships founded in trust and respect. For instance, tea is a central part of Chinese culture and has found its way into business meetings. It is usually the host that is responsible for pouring the tea.

That’s just one of the few good-to-know tips. But we’ll cover some essential steps for acing your business meetings in China no matter what type of professional interaction or negotiation you will face.

Business Meeting China

1. Translation maintains brand consistency

One of the key aspects of maintaining brand consistency when doing business in China is translation. Translating your company profile, presentation, and company catalog into Chinese is essential. By doing so, you can better communicate your brand and its values to your Chinese counterparts. It also helps build trust and relationships with your clients.

For instance, during a business meeting with a Chinese investor, you can introduce your company profile and provide them with a translated copy of your presentation. This makes the meeting more interactive and demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile for them.

2. Capitalize on the power of WeChat

WeChat is the powerhouse of social media in China, and it’s ubiquitous in the business environment. Having a WeChat account is vital for business dealings as it is used for communication, social networking, and information sharing. You can use WeChat to set up business meetings, communicate with clients, and share news about your company.

For example, you can connect with your clients on WeChat and have a group chat that enables seamless communication and easy information sharing. It also shows your clients that you are willing to adapt to Chinese business culture.

WeChat Marketing Trends 2022

3. Create a basic digital portfolio

Having a digital portfolio in China is essential, especially in WeChat. Creating a digital portfolio in the form of a PowerPoint presentation can be helpful during meetings. It’s easy to share and shows your viable business solutions and products.

During a business meeting or negotiation, you can share your digital portfolio with your Chinese counterparts through WeChat, which can be interactive and engaging. It also opens up the possibility of attracting new business opportunities.

4. Share a digital card on social media apps

Business cards still have their place in Chinese business culture, but their use is declining. Social media apps like WeChat have become the new norm for sharing contact information.

In fact, 88% of businesses in China use WeChat as their primary communication tool. In reality, business cards limit your opportunity to provide additional information about your company. In contrast, a digital card can actually be used to add more links about you as an individual and, of course, about the brand.

Adapting to the new normal in business meetings

All in all, business meetings in China require cultural consideration and a proper mindset to be a successful platform for professional interaction and negotiation.

With the tips we discussed, such as

  • Translating your company profile and presentation for brand consistency
  • Using WeChat to get contacts and impressions
  • Creating a basic digital portfolio to share your work digitally, and
  • Replacing business cards with greener digital options

You are well-equipped to make a lasting impression for future collaborations.

So, take what you’ve learned about how to ace Chinese business meetings and use it for the next meeting.

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