4 Ways You Can Use Chinese Voice-Overs on Videos In Your Marketing Campaigns

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When most people think of voice-overs on videos, they imagine a deep, booming voice narrating their favorite TV show. But in the world of marketing, brands can use them in various ways to create engaging and effective campaigns. If you’re doing business in China, using videos in your mix can be a great way to reach more consumers and stand out from the competition.

Check out these four ways how you can integrate voice-overs:

Table of Contents

1. Make Video Ads for Social Media Platforms Like WeChat and Weibo
2. Add Subtitles and Voice-Over to Your Existing English Videos
3. Use Chinese Voice-Overs in Business Meetings
4. Produce Explainer Videos About Your Product or Service

1. Make Video Ads for Social Media Platforms Like WeChat and Douyin

Video ads are a trendy and effective way to reach consumers on social media platforms like WeChat and Douyin. There are more than 1.2 billion monthly active users on WeChat, and most Douyin viewers are under 30 years old. That’s why it’s important to use Chinese voice-overs on videos. This will ensure that the video is relevant to the local audience and will be more likely to be seen by users.

Make sure your videos are high quality and informative. Remember that people are scrolling through their feeds quickly, so you must grab their attention immediately. It’s crucial to use high-quality visuals and audio to capture user attention. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of the video to encourage users to take further action.

2. Add Subtitles and Voice-Over to Your Existing English Videos

Do you have existing English videos you need to translate into Chinese? Adding subtitles and voice-overs can improve their engagement rate. To speed up the process, you must transcribe these videos. From here, a professional translator can translate the script so they can match the subtitles and voice-overs on videos.

Professional translators and video producers must ensure that the subtitles’ timing matches the audio of the video closely. This will help avoid any confusion or frustration on the part of viewers. When you add captioning and voice-over to your videos, you reach a wider audience, such as the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

3. Use Chinese Voice-Overs in Business Meetings

You can never go wrong with voice-overs, especially during a business meeting. As anyone who’s done business in China can attest, cultural differences can make for some challenging circumstances – especially when conducting business meetings. One potential obstacle is the language barrier – not everyone in China speaks English, and even those that do may not be entirely comfortable communicating in a foreign language.

This is where Chinese voice-overs can be a valuable asset. Having someone on hand to provide interpretation and translation services can help ensure that communication runs smoothly and that everyone is on the same page.

Additionally, voice-overs can help to provide context and clarification, ensuring that your message is conveyed accurately and effectively. They also foster a better understanding between parties, leading to more successful outcomes.

4. Produce Explainer Videos About Your Product or Service

As the use of video explainers for marketing products and services continues to grow, so does the demand for quality voice-overs. They bring a touch of authenticity to your video. When it comes to videos meant to sell products or services to Chinese audiences, nothing is more important than authenticity. Having a real Chinese person speaking directly to potential customers in their own language helps create a sense of trust and credibility that can be difficult to achieve with other types of voices.

What’s more Chinese voice-overs can help make your video more relatable. Hearing a real person speaking in their own language about something they’re interested in will capture attention better than a video without any human element.

With Chinese voiceovers in your video explainer, they add an extra layer of production value. A professional, high-quality Chinese voice can take your video production up a notch and make it much more impressive overall.

Create Chinese Voice-Overs and Videos With LIMPID

If you are looking to reach out to Chinese consumers, you will need video content that is tailored specifically for social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo. Adding subtitles and voice-overs in Chinese can help to make your videos more engaging and easier to understand for Chinese viewers.

In business meetings, using a Chinese voice-over can be a powerful way to connect with potential clients and partners. In addition, producing explainer videos about your product or service can be an effective way to introduce potential customers to your brand.

The LIMPID team is experienced in creating high quality Chinese voice overs and digital marketing campaigns that consider how people’s brains work. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with your next project!

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