How to Get Fast Chinese Translations for Different Projects

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How to Get Fast Chinese Translations and keeping a high standard of quality?  Managing different Chinese translation projects is no small feat. For large volumes, a team of professional translators should work together to deliver the output on time. If your company needs a fast turnaround of translations, working with an agency is more efficient than hiring freelancers. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best practices to experience a quick turnaround without compromising the quality of the translation.

Check the Availability of Professional Translators

Always ask the agency about the availability of professional translators you need for your project. Depending on the volume of the project and your budget, the agency may recommend the number of translators you need to finish everything on a specific day. However, if you already know the estimate of translators you need, you can ask for the availability and the classifications.

Most agencies have categorized translators based on their skills and experience, such as class A, class B, or Class C. The key is that if you choose class A translators for high-quality output (if some of them are not available due to an emergency or unforeseen event), the agency must also guarantee that they will find the same classification – same skills, experience, and specialization.

Take Advantage of the CAT Tools to Avoid Redundancy

For a fast turnaround of projects, professional translators take advantage of the CAT tool when translating texts. The CAT tool has a translation memory that helps translators work smart and efficiently because of its translation memory or TM. The TM can record the number of words, segments, phrases and analyze texts.

That said, when there are already pre-translated texts previously, it’s easier to spot redundant words. Instead of repetitively translating words manually, the CAT tool will do the work for the translators. Some agencies offer discounts for these repetitive words and phrases, so you save more when you are charged per word.

Work with Skilled Chinese Translators With Over 5 Years of Experience

One of the essential requirements when collaborating with language vendors through an agency is to have the ideal translators who are fit for the project. Professionals who have been around for a long time in the industry work smart and fast because they don’t have to learn the concepts, tools, and systems in place. They already know what they’re doing, and they deliver on time.

However, if you demand skilled and experienced translators, expect that their rates are higher than their less experienced counterparts. The advantage is that they get things are done faster, which results in a fast turnaround time. When you’re after speed and quality of Chinese translations, go for these professional translators because you will get what you pay for.

Fast Chinese Translations: Final Thoughts

Quick turnaround time and high-quality translations are possible if you choose suitable translators for your projects. Work with professionals who are also familiar with your industry because they are more efficient in translating documents specifically in your field, whether it’s mechanical engineering, finance, legal, real estate, and more.

If you need assistance, count on the LIMPID team, which compose of professional translators with over a decade of experience in different industries.

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