How to Get Fast Delivery of High-Quality Chinese Translations

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When ordering Quality Chinese translations, you want to ensure that the vendor fulfills the promise to deliver high-quality documents with a reasonable turnaround time. Whether your projects are Chinese translation in print or digital forms like websites and presentations, the goal is that the output is accurate, relevant, and appropriate to the culture.

So, how can you demand high-quality output with fast delivery on these projects? Well, for one, if you have volumes of documents that need Chinese translation, you can’t simply rely on one or two freelance translators. It may take a while before they deliver the final output. However, if you work with translation agencies, you can accomplish (and demand) so much.

Here’s how it should work. Find out the secrets in the trade so you can make the most of your projects while chasing timelines and deadlines.

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Quality Chinese Translations Secret #1: Team + Translation Tools

Tapping a large pool of translations is one of the best ways to translate Chinese to English. On top of that, a project manager should lead and oversee the teams and ensure that everyone is in the loop and follows the system. When a translation agency has established a system, the process will be more organized. You can do many projects with a large pool of translators as they divide and conquer the client’s requirements.

When the team and system are well-established, the next thing that you need are translation memory tools. Professional translators use a CAT tool that has a record of previously translated texts, and it automatically identifies them to avoid repetition on translation. Translators run most translations with a CAT tool before they translate them manually. In this way, the translation memory will help them avoid repeat translations.

Chinese Translation Secret #2: Only Experienced Translators Can Do the Job

An established team, system, and project management tools will likely result in high-quality translations. On top of that, when these translators have specialization in the industry or field, it makes the translation consistent. Always check with your vendor if the professional translators assigned to your project are also familiar with your industry. For example, if you need to translate medical reports, you need medical translators instead of legal or technical ones.

Translators are well-versed and skilled, and they also use CAT tools to keep all the terminologies in place. It also saves them more time, which also affects the turnaround time for bulk orders. At Limpid, we assigned senior translators and editors to check and proofread the documents so clients receive accurate translations.

Need Help With Your Translations?

Limpid is ready to provide translation, editing, and copyediting services to meet your marketing and business needs if you need assistance with your documents. Send us a message, and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

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