Understanding the Growth of China’s E-Commerce

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With over 40% of the global ecommerce spending coming from China, it’s no question how China is making its way to the top.

China is already known for its remarkable spending skills. To cater to that notion, online shopping has been thriving in the superpower.

This increase in the ecommerce market of China recently expanded and has now reached to over a 33.3% surge from the year 2014. Of course, this brings about more questions than it answers, with the most common being, “how exactly did this increase come about?”

Increase in the ecommerce market

China is amongst the most densely populated countries in the world, owning to about 1 million residents. Of course, this means that it is here where the most shopping spree is carried out.

To meet the standards of a growing world, China began its ecommerce industry as a trial to see how successful it may be and now it’s climbing up the ladder to a higher ecommerce platform.

How does it keep up?

One of the major concerns of ecommerce is that it needs to meet the requirements of the traditional shopping and to do that, it has extended itself for use amongst people. This extension goes beyond just simple websites and now it has spread to the point of creating several mobile apps so shoppers can access their purchases on the go. Talk about keeping up with technology, huh?

The digital app and social media platforms in China are such that it makes it very much easier for people to make transactions and purchases with the click of a button. This is possible with platforms such as WeChat, Baidu or even AliBaba.

Shopping spree

Now with the increase in usage of such apps in China, the rise in the ecommerce industry can easily be seen. Another reason for this is the difference in classes and availability of products. Since ecommerce is available for all, people outside borders also look into this for the purchase of products either not yet available in their area or at a price much lower.

To meet the standards of China’s ecommerce industry, it’s first very crucial to meet the Chinese web design requirements.

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