App Localization for the Chinese Market–What You Need to Know

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App Localization for the Chinese Market– There’s a lot more to localization than what meets the eye.

Some of the world’s most reputed brands have made the mistake of underestimating the significance of accurate translations and localization.

The two, similar to a certain extent, encompass more than just simple, verbatim English to Chinese translations.

The main thing that is often needed to be known is that this particular process is more concerned with changing the structure of the app or website to meet the cultural context of the visitors.

Just like when you move to a new country and learn to adapt in their ways, localizing an app works much in the similar way.

Of course, no process is simple and in the same way, app localization also needs precision and expertise to target the right documentation and comprehensions.

App Localization for the Chinese Market–What’s your brand?

The first thing you need to focus on is the targeted mobile device. There’s android and then there’s iOS.

Before you create an app, know this: Most of the major Chinese smartphones run on the android operating system so you need to move along keeping that in mind. Once you’re through, you would need to negotiate with individual stores to get a clearer picture of how your app will work in the Chinese market.

Follow the rules and you’ll do well!

Now you can move on and focus on your app localization. To do so, you need to know the rules that apply to your device and the app you’ll be creating. It’s crucial for it to be hosted on a local server because otherwise you’ll put your users through a lot of mess! If you have a legal entity or partner in China, you can easily integrate it into the cloud system there.

Know the language—not just your own!

It’s no doubt that Chinese is a tricky language which means you need to be very careful with the translation.

It’s important to keep in mind that translator software wouldn’t work; you’d be setting yourself up for failure. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these epic brand translation fails.

Go into detail by first targeting the heading and then with each sentence or word available. Don’t be cheap with it, it’ll cost you in the long run!

Know the Market!

The Chinese market is very picky as to what goes successful so when you turn towards localizing your app, you should look into making sure the color and layout will match what the market is used to selling. Accordingly you’ll even understand the price and how the market place runs.

Remember, localizing your app is not as easy as many might believe. If you need effective and accurate English to Chinese translation service, get in touch with us.  Keeping your brand vision in mind, we help localize your app. We are a team of experts working to perfect in different marketing strategies for your business.