Designing a Chinese Website – Some Key Elements

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Designing a Chinese Website? According to Investopedia, China is currently the second-largest economy of the world. It has seen massive growth in the technology sector in the past few years. Talking about the digital landscape, China’s e-commerce and mobile industry has also thrived big time. For businesses trying to make a mark in China, online marketing is the name of the game. Your website is the soul of all your marketing efforts. With more than 650 million internet users in the country, you want your company’s face to be genuine and presentable. Here are some essentials to keep in mind when developing a website for the Chinese audience:

Designing Chinese Website – It’s Quite Different

Take a look at any of the Chinese websites and you will immediately point out significant differences in their web design elements. Firstly, the Chinese websites have a lot of information on the first page. They do not have the clean and simple look that is valued very much in the West. These websites are more vibrant and colorful. Talking about language, there are key differences. For instance, the Chinese language does not have a capital letter. Also, it does not have spaces between characters.

User Experience – The Chinese Value It As Much As Anyone Else

The Chinese web user is accustomed to the excess amount of information on the first page. However, she also wants the user experience to be up to the mark. The Chinese websites are swamped with links. The users do not like this as it slows the speed down. Moreover, due to the excessive number of links, the keyword search box at the top should be visible and efficient.

Mobile Responsiveness – China Has Gone Mobile

More than 90 percent of all Internet users in China use mobile phones to access the Internet. From calling a taxi to buying a shirt, the Chinese are now using their smart phones for purposes other than calling. This is the reason your website should adapt to mobile phones and give them an enhanced experience.

Content – It’s Still the King, Everywhere!

If you are a Western brand looking to market in China, language will be a major barrier. A simple website translation would not suffice. You might have to hire native professionals who can expertly take context into account. A good translation is also attuned according to cultural and traditional elements. This extra effort goes a long way in helping you make a favorable impression in the eyes of Chinese consumers. With a team of professional web designers and developers, Limpid Translations, a Chinese web design company, helps you build localized websites for the Chinese market. From Chinese translation (taking context into account) to mobile responsiveness, our company offers comprehensive web design services.

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