Overcoming the Language Barrier When Expanding Overseas

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Transitioning your brand into a foreign country is a challenging task in itself. Majority of the businesses spend a great deal of their time into the planning and strategizing process.  This is done to eliminate maximum hindrances along the way and to make sure that the entry into a new territory is hassle-free.

Despite extensive measures taken by certain brands to streamline the transition process, they often meet with failures and disasters in the new market. While there are many factors at play here, it can also be attributed to language barriers.

Easier Said Than Done

Some business may think that overcoming these barriers could be as simple as getting their slogans and product specifications translated into the new language—biggest challenge!

Getting past language barriers has become a cornerstone for business success as international customers continue to grow and serve as a lucrative business opportunity. Communicating with your international customers will prove your mettle to grow your brand internationally.

  • Narrow Down Your Niche- Targeting areas that are most relevant to your industry can increase your chances of success.
  • Establish Yourself As Knowledgeable: Do not come off as oblivious to your surroundings and know your facts when dealing with new prospective clients. You may come across countries with a bi-lingual background and you need to know that well in advance.
  • Marketing language: Knowing your target country’s native language is one thing and using the right marketing terms and slogans is another art that you need to master. Learn phrases that will give your business the competitive edge it deserves to differentiate itself in this highly competitive business scenario.
  • Surveys can help: Conducting surveys online can help gather relevant data and information which can be analyzed to draw logical conclusions.
  • Technological help: Make use of technology to give you an added advantage. Translators and other software’s that may help you understand the local language can be of great help.
  • Shun jargons and slang language: When using English as the medium of exchange with your overseas employees, make it a point to keep the tone formal to avoid any confusions. Do not take the risk of using jargons or slang words in your business communications; it may hurt your bottom line.

Overcoming the Language Barrier with professionals Chinese translation services

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