Chinese Social Media Marketing: Tips To Ace It

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The power of China social media cannot be stressed enough, whether it is used as a tool to market your product locally or across borders. China, ranked the second largest economy in the world has the world’s most diverse social network market. Hence, western brands wanting to infiltrate Chinese markets need to ace the social media marketing game.

Chinaʻs Alternate Social Media Platforms

Due to the strict government regulations, China has managed to develop their own social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.  Having a rigorous social media marketing strategy entails adopting these platforms in the most effortless manner so that you soon start blending in with their social media norms. Chinese Social Media Marketing

Communication with Chinese Customers

The Chinese culture is characterized by zero tolerance for disloyalty. Every Chinese customer expects that he is connected to a reliable source across the virtual world. They should deal with utmost transparency and trustworthiness. Customer services should top the priority list when it comes to interactions with Chinese customers. Your brand image rests on the quality of the customer service that you provide.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Audience

Knowing your target audience on a micro-level is central for social media success. While Americans are usually known as passive users of the online world, the Chinese audience is quite different. They are known to actively engage themselves on social media platforms and leave reviews and feedback on the quality of the product and service. This buildup of content by customers ultimately adds up to the development of your brand image. Approximately 91% of the Chinese population is known to have a social media account. This increases the likelihood of receiving both positive and negative feedback.

Struggling With Competition

Online marketing services in China have to deal with a lot of competition due to the saturation in the Chinese social media market. Hence, striving to achieve that competitive edge over your rivals, who are targeting the same niche and market share, is a big challenge. Ensuring that the content you post across all your social media platforms is authentic and personalized as per your target audience is central in gaining that edge over others.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

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