The Growth of China’s Branded Internet

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China’s Branded Internet: It is a widely known fact that most Chinese online shoppers expect some lucrative bargains. It is most certainly true for C2C e-commerce platforms where price wars between sellers are aggressive. The trend has been online buyers considering low price items to be their top priority than branded items.

However, recent data has to say the opposite. According to the data published by Bain & Company, the rise of China’s Branded Internet ecommerce is giving things a new direction.

An increasing number of Chinese online buyers are now emphasizing more on branded goods over and above lower-priced general items. Sales of unbranded items have gone down to 35% in 2014 relative to 42% in 2011. On the other hand, the sales of branded products have risen to a whopping 65%. This is of course great news for western brands that have been long chasing and targeting Chinese online buyers.

Is the Trend Affecting Every Brand?

Given the circumstances, it is important to note that the increase of branded e-commerce in China has not impacted each and every brand on equal scale. Factually speaking, the percentage of top brand sales has experienced a significant drop of about 2%, while the sales of mediocre brands have increased by 4%. Local and original online brands have depicted one of the largest increases—approximately 6%.

Similarly, online retail penetration in China is expected to grow steadily over the years. Statistics show that in 2014, the total revenue was worth 2.9 trillion RMB (11%). However, it is anticipated that this ratio will reach 9.4 trillion RMB by 2020 (22%).

China’s Branded Internet

China’s Branded Internet: What Does It Take To Succeed?

Based on the stages of development, businesses take up different moves and strategies to establish a strong foothold in this highly competitive market. Keep reading:


Businesses that have just started out in China must construct a standalone online marketing and sales system. Moreover, they should hire the assistance of a small, independent digital sales team for assistance.


Businesses in their intermediate stages should incorporate online as well as offline marketing channels to promote and encourage customer engagement. More importantly, they must depend on a full-fledged digital team or online/offline teams for successful marketing.


Experts must interrupt their pre-established business models to come up with creative, innovative, and consumer-based one that works on similar products and experiences. Moreover, they should work towards establishing project teams dedicated to various segments of customers.

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