Looking to Start a Business in China? Find an Authentic Voice for Your Venture

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Start a Business in China? China is thriving! Continuing the trend, the country is the second largest economy in the world this year too.

Given the development, the economy can easily make international companies drool at the possibility of tapping into China’s budding market.

However, it goes without saying that the Chinese business culture is unlike anywhere in the world. In order to capture this market, overseas companies must possess a comprehensive understanding of the chief realistic challenges to attain success.

Start a Business in China

The assistance of a Chinese language expert is unparalleled in this regard. Stated below are the three biggest challenges for international companies when entering the Chinese market:

Red Tape

Unlike in the West, where administrative work has been simplified and conducted electronically, China continues to rely on manual working. And this can be a little time-consuming for foreign businesses that have lost touch with bureaucratic tasks.

From something as basic as creating a bank account to the complexities of registering a company, the process can be elaborate. You need to set up a full-time administrative team that can effectively handle your company’s paper work and administrative chores in China.

Human Resources

While the western companies are habituated to delegation and flexibility in lines of authority, Chinese workers are used to a more hierarchical arrangement where each individual has a visibly distinct role. These disparities can often lead to conflicts amid western managers who are familiarized to employees that are willing to take their own initiative.

To run a successful business in China, make sure your company has a clear set of measures pertinent to incentives for exceptional work and disciplinary measures for inferior performance. The best way to motivate Chinese employees is by closely monitoring their work, and encouraging them.


One of the biggest challenges faced by western companies when interacting with the Chinese audiences is miscommunication.

Unfortunately, this problem is triggered as a result of cultural differences that eventually lead to misunderstandings. Despite the fact that English speaking Chinese are growing in China, it is rare to find people who are well aware of Chinese language intricacies and nuances.

These people are basically professionals who possess a resolute understanding of cultural differences, and can easily find a way through subtle business negotiations.

Start a Business in China and Use Our Services

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While there can be a myriad challenges of operating in China, communication and language barrier continues to haunt businesses the most. Make way to LIMPID Translations where we’ll provide you with custom china online marketing services, Chinese translations, copywriting and a lot more.