5 Reasons You Should Be Using Chinese SEO Writers For Your Website

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Before we elaborate on why Chinese SEO writers must be hired for producing content for your website when entering the Chinese markets, let’s uncover some ground-breaking statistics about this intricate, yet attractive, economy and its people:

  • China has the highest number of internet users around the globe (approximately 722 million users). It is even more surprising to learn that this number is twice the entire US population.
  • While the US e-commerce economy is worth $349 billion, China’s e-commerce economy touches $562 billion.
  • China has the highest ratio of internet users (21.97%), followed by the US (9.58%) and India (8.33%).
Chinese SEO Writers

Now that you know the rising ratio of Chinese traffic on websites, you have every reason to hire Chinese SEO writers. Some of them are presented below:

Chinese SEO Writers – Time-Saving

Instead of relying on your existing pool, you are better able to manage time when you hire Chinese SEO writers. This frees up time for you or your employees, allowing them to work on other equally or more important tasks at hand. As a business owner, you will be better able to concentrate on core business competencies, customer satisfaction and product/process improvement aspects.  

Improved Readership

Experienced and professional Chinese SEO writers are well aware of what it takes to produce a remarkable copy. A copy that’s worth re-reading and sharing is one that’s most likely to create a lasting impact.

Chinese SEO writers understand Chinese readers. Therefore, hire them for enhanced readership, social media engagement, conversion.  

Neutral Viewpoint

As a business owner, you may feel that an outside wouldn’t understand your brand. Don’t fall into this trap! Professional Chinese SEO writers are skilled researchers and communicators. They are better able to assist your content break out from the tunnel vision it may presently have.

Writers, who possess the ability to explore, comprehend and commune what your target audience wants to hear, also have the potential of providing an unbiased viewpoint.

Understanding of Search Engine Requirements

China has two search engines that make up for about 84% of market share: Baidu and 360 Search.

Hiring Chinese SEO writers means your website has a brighter chance of being ranked among the top search results on these influential search engines. They are experienced in generating content that Baidu and 360 Search are most likely to pick and publish.

Chinese SEO Writers Experts at Copywriting

Content writers, particularly those who work on SEO, are usually ones who create copies for a living. And when you outsource this crucial responsibility to someone who’s a pro at it, you’re likely to end up with a copy that’s far better than what you would have managed to produce on your own. This saves time for your business, allowing you to capitalize on the SEO writer’s expertise.  

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