4 Effective Strategies to Engage Better with Chinese Customers

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Engage Better with Chinese Customers: Bringing incredible social transformation and economic change, China’s middle class has emerged. According to a research, this phenomenal economic growth isn’t over yet.

More than 75% of the country’s urban consumers are expected to earn at least $9,000 to $34,000 per year by 2022. Such sweeping economic growth is of course paving the road for a larger purchasing power than ever before!

New businesses entering or already in the Chinese market should heed the following strategies for better customer engagement and retention:

Engage Better Chinese Customers

Focus On Turning Operations and Content into Mobile

With arrival of smart-phones and wide availability of internet, consumers find it easier and convenient to order or view a product on their device. When it comes to buying experience, mobile applications are far superior to even the most robust websites.

Of course, having a fully functional web application is useless if the content doesn’t address your target market.

Additionally, companies developing a mobile friendly website should also keep in mind the effectiveness and uniqueness of content availability. Check out Google’s mobile-friendly test and see if your website is mobile ready or not. 

China Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Enforcing good search engine marketing and optimization practices, either on your website or mobile app, is one way to engage with consumers. How? Imagine the Chinese New Year is upon you.

Thinking of a great event or promotion but not reflecting or mentioning on your website and search engine marketing won’t do much good.

Tip: Be sure to use the biggest search engine in China, i.e. Baidu when marketing your content and website. This will ensure that a large demographic of consumers see your product, event or promotion.

Make It Painfully Easy For Consumers

Whether in providing information about the product, payment details, marketing or just asking consumers to sign-up, the layout of your website should be simple and easy to understand.

Remember this: Since you’ll be targeting a Chinese audience, having the content in Chinese Mandarin or at least the option to turn language from English into Mandarin will resonate well to this demographic.  Get the best Chinese translation services to manage that part.  

Engage Better with Chinese Customers: Improve Your Website Experience

While adding a mobile application when it comes to improving their digital presence is important, entrepreneurs shouldn’t leave their websites alone.

With advent of responsive design websites, the line between what consumers can do through an app and a mobile/web browser have blurred.

Additionally, foreign brands should do their research regarding consumer usage of existing platforms and technologies (Twitter, Instagram) and how they can be used to engage your customers.

Consumer engagement is really important to foreign businesses entering this market therefore make use of only the best web translation services and content marketing in Chinese. Get in touch with Limpid Translations today and explore all available options.