5 Terrific Translations of Chinese Brand Names

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Translating brand name to Chinese: Brand names tend to have deeper embedded meanings and connotations; this couldn’t be any truer in case of China.

Western products and services seeking to export overseas are required to translate and localize their brand to a Chinese brand name – easier said than done.

Translating a brand name to Chinese can be complicated, if you lack appropriate knowledge of the sensitivities of Chinese culture.
While we all have heard about the awful stories of failed brand name translations in china, rarely do we see people appreciating the western companies and their marketing experts who did it right!

Here are some of the most outstanding translations of international brand names in Chinese:

1.     Nike

The Chinese translated brand name of Nike is Nai Ke which means endurance and perseverance. This is indubitably the best brand name translation as it sounds the same when translated in Chinese. Moreover, it has a deeper and profound meaning that matches the personality of the brand. As far as the swoosh is concerned, it needs no translation at all.

2.     Coca-Cola

Recognized as one of the most popular brands around the world, Coca-Cola in Chinese is translated as Le Kou Ke Le, signifying tasty fun. This is yet another example of a brand name whose translated name sounds similar to English. Translating your brand name in Chinese will guarantee maximum chance of success as it sounds the same across the globe.

Translating brand name to Chinese

3.     BMW

Translated as Bao Ma in Chinese – meaning a precious horse – BMW is another classic example of successful brand translation. Horse is a word in Chinese that has a positive connotation, being an ideal choice for including into brand names. Some other positive words that can be included when translated into Chinese brand names are clear, ‘le’ and ‘xi’, or happy; ‘li,’ meaning ‘strength’ or ‘power’; and “fu,” meaning “blessed” or “auspicious.”

4.     Reebok

Reebok is a worldwide brand which when translated into Chinese sounds Rui Bu, meaning quick steps. This popular and successful Chinese name adds inspiration to the brand.

5.     Colgate

This immensely popular toothpaste brand when translated into Chinese is referred to as Gao Lu Jie, meaning ‘revealing superior cleanliness’.

The idea of this brand name translation was based on the premise that Chinese will want to brush their teeth with no other toothpaste but only Colgate – after all it’s hard to beat something that’s superior.

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