What I Learned From Starting a Business in China:

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A Story of a Successful Startup or a Failed One

Today, it is the dream of nearly every entrepreneur to establish a strong foothold in the fascinating market of China. From China’s flourishing economy to positive business prospects and of course, the popularity of Chinese language, entrepreneurs are tempted to set up their Business in China. However, things can get a little out of hand if proper planning and strategizing is not employed.

Thinking of setting up your business in China? There are some important things to bear in mind in order to have a successful startup. Keep reading to unveil them:

Business in China : Try To Be Local

One of the most recurring problems with aspiring entrepreneurs and western businessmen in China is the ‘know-it-all’ attitude. Some western people tend to have a sense of pride that they look different, speak fluent English, have graduated from top schools and belong to reputed companies. This kind of an attitude can hurt expats tremendously in China.

The key to make it big in the Chinese market is to unlearn what they had learned in the west. It is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs to adopt the local ways and remain grounded in China. Try to be courteous and establish friendships prior to developing business relationships.

You Need To Prove Your Worth

China is one of those few business markets where merit is valued more than anything else. In order to be accepted and gain a strong foothold in China, you need to prove your mettle. Your Chinese counterparts are known to be immensely courteous and respectful, with a passion for traditions and customs.

They are more focused on developing trust and relationship than ‘getting the job done’. Therefore, if you are able to prove your worth in the market by winning the trust of the locals with your products/services and value addition strategies, nothing can stop you from establishing a successful enterprise in China.

Make Your Own Rules

Most people in the west are viewed as sticklers for rules.  As long as you are not violating regulations set out by the Chinese government, you can innovate and experiment within your abilities.

If you are planning on developing something unique, you may eventually be able to do so. With a thriving market such as China, there are immense opportunities for an entrepreneur to capitalize upon.

And finally! The first step that businesses need to take in order to conquer the Chinese market is to translate their English content to Chinese. This requires access to some of the most experienced and professional English and Chinese translators.

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