When should you hire a Chinese Interpreter?

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Hire a Chinese Interpreter: Whether you are looking forward to expanding your business abroad, or whether you have legal matters to take care of with individuals who have different native languages, a professional interpreter can help facilitate communications. 

However, a large number of clients have difficulty choosing between interpreters and translators, as they don’t really understand the difference. As a rule of thumb- translations are related to text content, while interpretations are mostly concerned with verbal communications.

Hire a Chinese Interpreter

Here are a few examples of instances where you might need to hire a Chinese interpreter:

Expanding Business to China

As China is now regarded as the economic heavyweight with a rapidly progressing economy, a large number of organizations are interested in expanding business here. However, for most of the companies, the number one barrier is the language.

If you are expanding operations here, you will obviously need to get in touch with Chinese clients who rarely speak English. This is the perfect time to choose a reliable Chinese interpreter to work with. A Chinese interpreter will help localize the things you say to add local jargons and terms that your clients can relate to. Not only will this give off a professional outlook of your brand, but it will also give you instant trust points among your Chinese clients.

Recognized as one of the best Chinese interpreter services, at Limpid Translations, we can help you hire proficient interpreters who are native Mandarin speakers. They are also available for on-call interpretation services. Give us a call to learn more.

Legal Proceedings

If you have a Chinese client who requires your legal services but is not proficient enough in English, a Chinese interpreter can help you out. A variety of lawyers and legal professionals utilize the services of Chinese interpreters in legal proceedings, which helps them keep all the details transparent and also strengthens their stance.

Localizing Your Brand

If you are planning to introduce your brand in China, don’t settle for an in-house marketing executive who claims they know Mandarin. Hiring a Chinese interpreter will help you secure the ROIs you expect in the long run.

The problem with translating your marketing content into Chinese is that it might not be localized to the extent where the local audience can relate to it. A prominent number of brands like Coca Cola and KFC have made mistakes when introducing their brand in China by translating their taglines, and it didn’t work for them. This is the reason why they hire the services of interpreters who are proficient in spoken Mandarin and can help localize content to the extent where it feels like it is created by a local team. Giving your target audience something they can realistically relate to is the key to success when doing business in China.

Hire a Chinese Interpreter: At Limpid Translations, we offer some of the best Chinese interpreter services to all our clients. Whether you are introducing your brand in the Chinese market, have Chinese clients who require your legal service, or you have clients in China who are interested in your business – streamlining communication with the help of a Chinese interpreter can always help. Give us a call to learn more about the interpretation services today!