How Can Chinese Interpretation Services Help Companies Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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No one really knows when this Coronavirus outbreak will stop. China, the second-largest economy, could lose billions of dollars, affecting several industries. 

Some companies that have local teams in the Mainland are finding ways to operate virtually. “Business as usual” as we quote an adage. And as business trips are being canceled, companies are opting for remote work and telephone interpretation.

Thanks to the internet, whether it’s via phone or video conference calls, you can always reach out to your Chinese counterparts. From vendors to suppliers and colleagues, here’s how Chinese telephone interpretation services can help global companies operate remotely. 

How can LIMPID team help you?

Canceled business trip? No problem. You can still connect with vendors and suppliers with our on-demand professional Chinese interpretation services. 

During business hours, we can arrange a professional interpreter to help you deal and negotiate with Chinese counterparts even just via telephone or if you prefer other means such as WeChat video or voice calls, Skype, Zoom, and other available platforms. 

The team can source professional interpreters with industry-specific knowledge and expertise to handle the communication. Rest assured that there are comprehensive measures for the confidentiality of the information being shared and discussed. 

Benefits of using Chinese telephone interpretation services?

As of this writing, the novel Coronavirus has been reported that it can be transmitted with close human contact. The death toll has reached 1,100, and key cities are still in lockdown. 

However, for some local companies that have important transactions with overseas clients, telephone services can help in maintaining the relationship and business operations even virtually. Here are the benefits of using Chinese telephone interpretation services. 

  • Connect and update your Chinese counterparts regarding the current business situation and maintain long-lasting business relationships
  • Grow your business contacts by gaining access to potential customers that your existing customers might recommend to you who need your services in times like this
  • Avoid cultural misunderstandings and language barriers whenever you negotiate with your counterparts

Who will benefit from Chinese telephone interpretation services?

We are offering these services particularly to business owners, from small scale to large scale companies who are in the following industries:

  • Finance, insurance, and accounting
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare
  • Travel, tourism, and hospitality
  • Educational institutions and non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Retail and sales
  • Courts and legal systems

Your next action plan

You can always find ways to operate in the virtual world – thanks to the internet – these days. Since some companies are implementing work from home in China, you can connect with your counterparts with this service. 

Just make sure that you have a good connection if you’re doing this via video conference call. 

Let us know how we can help you strengthen your relationships with your Chinese counterparts. We can arrange a telephone interpreting service wherever you are in the world together with a professional Chinese interpreter.