5 Destinations That You Can’t Miss On Your Vacation in China

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Traveling to exotic places is something we all dream of, which is why tropical countries are among the top most visited places. In that list is China too, which is surprising but if we think about it, the country has a lot to offer to visitors in the form of food, festivals and sights. We have highlighted the following 5 destinations that are a must visit in China that will undoubtedly make your entire vacation a memorable one. 


After Beijing, this popular tourist destination is considered to be the second most famous ancient national capitals of China. Xi’an has the honor of becoming the capital of ancient China three times, due to which the city serves as an accurate and detailed window on the country’s ancient civilization. Here, you will get a chance to view ancient Chinese architecture besides natural surroundings.   


The city’s almost picturesque natural beauty is such that former U.S. President Nixon during his visit proclaimed that no other city surpasses the beauty that Guilin possesses. Right in the center of tow tourist honey pots which are equally renowned for their beautiful nature and scenery, Guilin City has become a sort of paradise for backpackers and authentic regional as well as Western food enthusiasts.

Vacation in China


The number one feature of this city that attracts droves of international and local tourists alike is the outstanding natural beauty of Huangshan. Many cities of China are well known for their natural beauty and splendor. However, Huangshan takes the cake as the most beautiful with austere and majestic mountains rising above the mist making this city the stuff of legends.


The hometown of Giant Pandas, Chengdu is the one city people from all over the world visit just to get a glimpse of the furry creatures. What is so great about the city when there are zoos scattered throughout the country that have inhabitant Giant Pandas such as the Shanghai and the Beijing zoo? Well, you won’t be able to enjoy watching the gentle creatures in their natural habitats, anywhere other than then Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center.


The great explorer Marco Polo was astounded by the beauty of Hangzhou when he landed here in the 13th century, declaring that no other city matched in beauty and elegance in the world. The heavenly beauty of the city is such that hundreds of thousands of tourists flock each year to the West Lake and take enjoyment in viewing the beautiful gardens, reflecting pools, lakeside teahouses and lavish temples. In short, beauty and relaxation will be a part of your trip to Hangzhou.

The only thing that people will have to worry about is the language barrier that exists in the diverse country, especially if you plan to stay a bit longer due to work reasons. To know how you can navigate around this, visit our services page.