Top 5 Apps for Learning Mandarin

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Top 5 Apps for Learning Mandarin: Languages are not merely a vehicle of communication; they hold within the evolution of an entire culture and civilization.  They are used to express, interact, communicate and as a mode of entertainment for the masses.

As humans, it is natural that we are intrigued and attracted more towards things that we do not have. Same is the case with languages. If you have the thirst to know and learn more about the Chinese culture, learning Mandarin is a must.

Here are the top 5 Apps that can help you acquire the skills and basics of the language.

1. Chinese Skill

This app is great for total beginners who wish to learn Chinese. It takes a play-based approach with words and provides authentic native pronunciations that can take a turtle pace if required. It displays pinyin and characters coupled with the best Chinese to English translation service. The best part is, this app is available absolutely free on both Android and iOS.

2. Google Translate

If you are looking for a dictionary to translate your expressions into mandarin or vice versa, turns out you do not need to spend precious dollars on buying a fancy one. Google Translate can do it for you, with the added feature of pronunciations. It’s free and it’s handy.

3. AnkiMobile

Do you retain information better with flash cards? Then AnkiMobile is for you. The app is free for Android users and available to iOS device users at a price of $25. Suitable for all levels, this is by far the best app to help you memorize both phrases and characters.

4. QQ

This particular app is more suited to people who already know and can read a little bit of Chinese. The QQ app is a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and News Client; it is what the Chinese people use on a daily basis to interact with each other. The app provides great insight into the Chinese culture and as a learning source.

Top 5 Apps for Learning Mandarin

5. Standard Mandarin

This app works on getting your pronunciation right by indicating which facial muscles to use to acquire a genuine accent. Since Mandarin is a tonal language, even slight mispronunciations can change the whole meaning.  You can easily download this app for free.

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