The 5 Most Popular Languages of the World

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Language is the most important aspect of human expression. It allows us to connect and communicate with each other, entertain ourselves via music, films, literature, and radio, and essentially allows us to get pretty much everything we want.

The following is a list of the most popular languages of the world based on the approximate total number of speakers.

1. Mandarin

The most widely spoken language on this planet and one that usually requires professional services for translation from English to Mandarin. The Language is spoken by more than 955 million people across the globe. It is the official language of China and Taiwan, and one of the four official vernaculars in Singapore.


2. Spanish

Spanish is spoken widely in Europe as well as certain parts of the Americas. With an approximate 405 million people speaking Spanish as their native tongue, the language has gained considerable popularity and is the second most commonly spoken language in the world.

3. English

Up till the year 2014, English used to be the second most popular language. However, the number of Spanish-speakers has considerably increased over the past few years. Still, English remains an influential language, with 360 million speakers worldwide and the vast expanse of countries that it is spoken in.

4. Urdu/Hindi

Urdu and Hindi share not only a history, but also grammar and thousands of common words. They do have distinct written scripts though, which makes them more like separate ‘registers’ of a common language. There are more than 310 million people on Earth who speak either of the two languages.

5. Arabic

With around 295 million speakers across the world, Arabic ranks as the fifth most popular language. It is the language of all of the original Holy writings of the Muslims, before they were translated and published in other languages. Arabic has considerable influence on other languages too; Spanish alone has around 4000 words that have roots in Arabic.

Learning about languages, or learning a language itself, is always a liberating experience. It opens up an array of genres that you can express yourself in. However, it is impossible to learn and master every language; this is where professional translators come in handy.

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