Top Translation Challenges for Businesses

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If localization is hard, it is even harder in China. Due to the complex business environment, businesses find it significantly difficult to meet the expectations of Chinese audiences and deliver consistent messages.

If you are planning to localize your business operations in China, take a look at some challenges that you may face.

Cultural Barriers

Each country has its own cultural values that reflect in its communications as well. For example, communication messages used in the Arab countries may be completely different from those used in the European countries.

Understanding the cultural differences and translating communication messages accordingly is one of the most crucial challenges for expanding companies. In order to attract local audiences, it is important that you learn the cultural intricacies of China before localizing your marketing and other business content.

Customer Services

Businesses now aim at offering support through as many self-service channels as possible, including email support, knowledge based articles, and so on.

However, you may need to focus on translating your website, marketing materials, user manuals, and knowledge based articles to provide Chinese audiences with self-support services in a language that suits their preference.

Moreover, this is also important to create and strengthen your relationship with the local customers.

User Engagement

Online user engagement is crucial to building a strong brand image and delivering a positive customer experience. In order to make sure that your customers are always interested and engaged, you need to offer localized content and features on your website as well as in your marketing materials.

Tailoring content and features to the needs of the target audience will enhance the customers’ experience and make them more interested in knowing about your brand. Since customized content helps to form a more favorable image of your brand, it can have a drastic impact on the profitability and growth of your business.

Patent Translation

Patent translation is one of the major challenges for businesses. Since it involves translation of complex legal concepts with accuracy, businesses need to hire highly competent translators who are well-versed with the legal system of both the source and the target country.

Search Engine Content

When entering a foreign market, you may need to optimize your website for the local search engines. For this, the content should be translated into the language of the target market to ensure maximum online visibility in the geographical region. While translating content, pay special attention to images and videos as they are the key drivers of online traffic these days.

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