Top 4 Mistakes Non-Natives Make With Their Chinese Website

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The fascination to gain millions of new customers has made many western businesses chase the highly valued Chinese market. There are no two ways about the fact that China is one of the most thriving economies in the world today.

As per the latest statistics, approximately more than 500 million users indulge into online buying each day, out of which nearly 50% are Chinese buyers.

While many western businesses invest heavily in product development, market research, and advertising, there are still some who make some basic mistakes with their Chinese website:

1.     Chinese Website – Visual Appeal of the Website

For a website catering to any kind of audiences, it is immensely important to make sure it is both professional and eye-catching. The main purpose of a website is to draw in customers’ attention; therefore, make sure to welcome them with an easy-to-use and legible website.

Businesses planning to launch in China must be aware of the growing number of mobile users in China. Smart phones are increasingly becoming a medium to surf the web.

Therefore, ensure that your website looks as good on a mobile device or a tablet as its desktop version. Not considering this aspect is like losing a huge chunk of potential customers.

2.     Limiting Payment Options

While a majority of the clients in the West use debit cards, credit cards and Paypal accounts to pay for online shopping, this trend is not common in China.

China is more of a cash-based society and the locals are more comfortable in paying with locally tailored methods such as Alipay. If the statistics are to be believed, more than 200 million online shoppers have been deceived by fraudulent payment methods. Therefore, make sure that you use a payment system that they trust.

3.     Not Hiring Local Employees

To make certain that your business emerges as a success in China, it is imperative that you hire local Chinese employees. You must recruit at least one person who has great command over Chinese consumerism and capability to conduct a thorough market research.

This one person will help you in targeting and attracting the right audience to your website. Finally, make sure that a native translator translates your web content into Chinese. There couldn’t be anything worse than your potential customers clicking on a website that has poor, inaccurate content.

4.     Getting Perplexed With Analytics

Once you have a properly functioning website, you’ll definitely want to track how things are going. While establishing the analytics of your website, remember that China has a completely different culture, and therefore offers for Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving won’t really make an impact. Keep an eye out for the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival, Qingming, and Dragon Boat instead.

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