Brand Localization in China

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Branding in China is one of the greatest challenges for global businesses. Many successful brands, including Coca Cola have failed terribly in the Chinese market. Considering this, companies have started adopting or redesigning their brands to meet the needs of the local customers.

Although localization is key to creating successful brands in virtually every part of the world, it is particularly significant when you are expanding your operations in China. Here is why you should consider localizing your brand if you are entering the Chinese market.

Emphasis on Cultural Values

Chinese consumers place great emphasis on cultural affinity. A brand that does not represent their cultural values may fail to grab the local audience’s attention. However, localization is important to communicate with local consumers in their preferred language that is both sensitive and relevant to the local culture. With an appropriate localization strategy, you may form strong brand associations that can leverage brand equity and offer a better consumer experience.

Trust and Credibility

Localized content allows you to be more in sync with the local audience which helps to build trust and increase your credibility in the local market. As many brands have failed in China despite their strong international presence, it is important to create a distinct image to make a name.

Growing Number of Online Consumers

Studies reveal that most Chinese consumers use the internet to research about a product or service before making a purchase. However, localization is important to increase your footprint in the local search engine results to help customers learn more about your brand before buying it.

Depending on your marketing objectives, you should consider including a variety of content on your localized website to increase your brand’s visibility in the local search engines.

Growth of E-commerce

With annual growth rate of 120%, China’s e-commerce industry is expected to reach new heights by 2019. If your business does not offer a localized shopping experience, local Chinese consumers may find it difficult to use your website or online shop.

Remember that being one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, China provide great profitability and growth opportunities for global businesses that invest in their localization strategy appropriately.

The Increase in Mobile Marketing

China is the largest smartphone market with an approximate mobile internet usage of 78.5%. Due to its convenience and ease of use, smartphones have transformed the lifestyles of consumers in China. However, companies should focus on creating localized apps that give a more personalized feel to the local audiences.

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