3 Things You Need to Know Before Going Global!

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Five years ago, you opened your own custom shoe store in the U.S. You slaved away day and night for months. And today, your business has finally taken off. Now, you’re looking to take your business a step further by going global. However, it’s your first time and you’re a nervous wreck!

Not sure how you can make this global business endeavor a success? Here are some steps that you can follow!

Language & Dialect

To pull off a successful global campaign, take into account the linguistic differences between the two countries. For instance, if you’re expanding your business from the US to China, you need to understand that not everyone there speaks English. Therefore, you’ll have to market your product and services in Chinese.

Similarly, you also need to take into account the different dialects that are spoken around China. If your target audience speaks Mandarin, make sure your landing page is the same dialect.

Moreover, your customer representatives should also be able to speak the native language and dialect. Otherwise, it’ll make it difficult for you to make your audience stay on your landing page for more than a few seconds.

Cultural Differences

Even if you have a solid business expansion plan, it’s bound to fail if your marketing strategy doesn’t factor in the cultural differences between both the countries.

Traditionally, it was advised that a business should only expand to a country where the cultural distance between the two is the shortest. However, with the rapidly growing Chinese economy, it’s understandable if you want to tap into the market.

 So take care to gain in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture. Make sure you know what the cultural norms and values are. This will help you avoid big blunders along the way. This holds true especially if you’re a food and beverage company.

Government Regulations

Whether you’re a clothing company or a luxury goods company, you need to be familiar with the government regulations of the country you’re expanding to. Make sure you’re aware of the tax laws, tariff laws, environmental and health and safety standards.

For instance, the Chinese government has introduced a new e-commerce law for cross-border businesses. Therefore, it’s always helpful for you to be up-to-date with the changes in regulations. You can also enlist the help of a reputable legal counsel. This will ensure you don’t end up with a hefty fine or financial loss in the future.

Expanding your business globally can be an exciting endeavor. However, if it’s your first time entering the Chinese market, it can be downright tricky. If you’re looking for professional and scalable Chinese language and internet services to kickstart your business in China, then look no further! At LIMPID Translations, we have the best Chinese web developers, professional translators, Mandarin speakers across our 4 offices in Hong Kong, US, Latin America and Shanghai!

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