Attributes Of an Ideal Chinese Translation Service Provider

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If your company is looking for Chinese Translators who can translate your company’s documents, website, etc, from English to Mandarin Chinese, make sure you pick the right one by looking for the attributes mentioned below:

1. Native vs. Non Native Translators

The first thing a business should look for when searching for the best Chinese Translators is nativity. Chinese is a complex language and it is totally different from English. There is a significant difference between native Chinese translators and non-native Chinese translators. Native Chinese Translators do not just know the language but they are also aware with all aspects of Chinese as well. They will know exactly where to use what word in order to make it fit the context.

2. Expertise

Choose a company that will cater to your business’ particular needs. You need to understand that not every translator is fit to translate every kind of document. If a person is fluent in Chinese, it doesn’t mean that he knows all the legal terms that he needs to know in order to be able to translate a legal document from English to Chinese.

Moreover, you should also inquire whether or not the company offers business related translation services like voiceovers, marketing, and PR, etc, that you particularly need for the localization of your business in the Chinese market.

3. Experience

When looking for a Chinese Translator for your business, make sure that you pick a translator who is experienced in what he does. Translators are usually quite expensive and you do not want to waste your money on something that is not up to your expectations.

It is always a good idea to ask the Translation service providers for the businesses they have worked with before. Make use of the references from other businesses that they provide in finding out the quality of the translator’s deliverables. If the previous customers are content with the translators’ services, chances are, you will be satisfied too.

Make sure that the translators’ customer service is reliable and that they respond promptly to their customers’ queries.

4. Cost and Timings

Translation Services are generally on the expensive side, but it is always wise to do a market survey. Contrast and compare the quality of the services, rates, discounts and offers and timings. Choose a translation company that will fit your budget and will also offer quality services. The translation company should also be able to provide translated deliverables in a timely manner.

5. Cultural Understanding

Language Translation has to do a lot with cultural understanding. Idioms and puns are prime examples of the changes that occur when we switch from one culture to the other. If a translator is trying to translate a pun or an idiom, he cannot just translate the words. Instead, he will have to translate the idea behind that pun in a way that is acceptable in the Chinese culture.

When looking for an ideal Chinese Translator, go for one who has a solid understanding of Chinese culture. If a piece of text is translated by someone who knows the Chinese culture well, the Chinese audience will be able to relate to it better. The translator should also be bilingual because the understanding of both the source and the target language is compulsory for effective translation.

6. Privacy

Make sure that the translation company you are choosing has a privacy policy that says that the documents that you will be submitting will not be shared elsewhere.

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