The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing in China

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With the Chinese population expected to reach 1.5 billion by the year 2033, the Chinese business market will experience a huge boom in consumers and sales influx. Considered as one of the most lucrative business hubs of the world, the market is about to become even more profitable with the Chinese consumers to surpass $6.4 billion in spending power by the year 2025.

If your business is interested in tapping into this productive market, you must go in with a stellar digital marketing strategy to distinguish you. Here are a few digital marketing dos and don’ts that are culturally unique to the Chinese audience.


Do Focus on E-Commerce and M-Commerce

According to PwC, 75% of Chinese customers prefer to shop online once a week. This is a pretty drastic leap from the global average of a mere 21%. This boom is thanks in part to the increased availability and access to smartphones and the rapid adoption of social media platforms. If you plan on upping your sales, reaching to the consumers through online platforms and via mobile campaigns should be a must in your digital marketing strategy.

Do Cater to the Consumer’s Tastes and Preferences

Localizing your marketing message, services, and products according to the tastes and preferences of your target audience is a definite must-do. Recent surveys have observed that more and more Chinese consumers prefer buying American brands.

Moreover, research by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that 60% of the consumers from this group prefer to pay more for US manufactured products. So figure out what appeals to your customers and tailor your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


Don’t Underestimate the Significance of Feedback

Before making a final purchase decision, Chinese customers tend to do their research online, especially looking up to customer reviews and feedback. The local reviewing app Dianping (like a Chinese version of Yelp) has over 200 million users. With 75% of users leaving feedback online, it’s important to keep feedback in mind.

Don’t Forget the Chinese Holidays

Just like the US, shopping and sales in China spike up during the holidays. For example, people tend to purchase meaningful gifts for near and dear ones around the Chinese New Year. There’s also Single’s Day, which is the Chinese equivalent to Black Friday, which was purported to rake in $17.8 billion in sales recently. So keep the local Chinese holidays in mind.

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