Why Take Advantage of Certified Chinese Translation Services for Legal Documents

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Are you wondering what certified translation can on your documents? Have you ever thought if you need it in your business or legal documents? Let’s explore why and when should you avail certified Chinese translation services.

Understand that not all documents in Chinese should have certified translations. However, if it’s for legal matters, a translation agency can be of great help. The company has a team of certified Chinese translators to handle those paper works.

Certified translations are important for legal purposes. For example, the court needs to examine transcripts and other written evidence. The certified translated documents are for submission to the Chinese government or judicial body. The papers will have two versions, one English and Chinese. Other types of documents can are marriage certificates, contracts, educational diplomas and more.

#1 Marked and certified that the documents are accurate

A certified translation comes with a signed statement from the professional Chinese translator. These translated documents presented are correct and have an accurate translation. They are also submitted with the original one from the source language (e.g., English and Chinese). The signed statement confirms that the translations are accurate and complete. Depending on the requirements of a legal body, it may or may not have a notary public to notarize it.

#2 Work with professional Chinese translators

Keep in mind that certified translator and a certified translation are not the same. A certified translator can be a professional translator who passed an exam and also earned certification from an organization to support the expertise. It also proves that the translator can deliver work based on the requirements. A translator doesn’t need to have a certification to provide such service. Anyone, as long as they have the expertise and experience, can “certify documents. They should attach the signed statement (and other documents even have seals).

#3 Protection against possible liability on written documents

Most of the documents that need certified translation are for legal purposes. It’s common sense to work with translators that have legal background or lawyers. You can’t afford to work with amateurs to handle such tasks. It’s also a way to protect you from possible liabilities caused by mistranslation. Examples of documents may include depositions and trials such as intellectual property/patent litigations, including International Trade Commission Cases (ITC Cases). Such certification requires the translator to attest that the work is accurate.

What documents need a certified translation?

Some of the documents and certificates that may need certified translations in Chinese. Contracts, audits, non-disclosure agreements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, education diplomas, driver’s licenses, visa documents, criminal records, police checks, and among others.

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