Q&A Session That You Must Have With Your Chinese Translation Service Provider

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There are thousands of translation companies that are ready to facilitate your business with communication and translation services. While some make false claims of being the best, many businesses tend to overlook the genuine ones. Especially when it comes to finding the best Chinese translation services provider, the job becomes trickier.

Chinese translation services are primarily opted by businesses that aim to take their local business into Chinese markets. In order to avail the services of the best Chinese translation company, ask them the aforementioned questions to judge their talent and caliber.

Q1 – What Kind Of Experience Do You Possess In The Translation Business?

There are no two ways about the fact that, the more experienced you are the better you will perform at any given task. Likewise, the more experienced the Chinese translators are the better they will be able to understand the language complexities, undertones and dialects.

If the translator is a native, that could be an added advantage. However, there are many people who aren’t natives yet they study Chinese for years and often become better translators than the natives.  Ideally, if your Chinese translator has an experience of less than 10 years, you can look for another.

Q2 – Are You Aware Of Specialized Languages?

The Chinese translators must understand the significant difference between speaking Chinese and speaking business, medical and legal Chinese. There are specific terminologies that a Chinese translator must be well aware of and able to use wherever required.

Chinese translators are often required for setting up contracts in Chinese. If the translator doesn’t know the legal terminologies or misuses them, your businesses could potentially end up facing a financial loss or even worse.

Q3 – What Knowledge Do You Have About The Chinese Culture?

A translator learns everything from grammar to vocabulary in order to translate content from one language to another; but a good translator will make sure that he is able to connect two cultures and traditions.

A Chinese translator who understands Chinese customs and tradition will make sure that the translated content does not offend or hurt the sentiments of the Chinese people. This trait is very crucial for businesses that want to translate their marketing and product content into Chinese as they wouldn’t want to cause offense to their Chinese target market.

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