The Top 5 Tips for Website Translation – Limpid Chinese Translations

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International companies have realized that their best bet for being serious contenders in any market will be to appeal to and engage the customers on a local level. For example, if an American company is targeting a foreign market; for instance, of China; they have to translate the content from English into mandarin Chinese in order to draw the Chinese audience towards their website.

Go through the following 5 tips for most effective website translations that will help you in attract significant traffic to your website.

Tip #1: Diversity in Languages

First things first, which language should the website be translated in? The answer is easy; of course, in the native language of the targeted market. If the targeted audience is of China, then it would be wise to translate the content into mandarin and other versions of Chinese, popularly spoken by the natives of the country.

Tip #2: Translate Everything, Only If Necessary

You may translate the entire website or may only choose key pages; both are good options. But you have to strategize your tactics while keeping the budget and cost overruns in mind. It is advisable to only translate the content of the web pages and avoid translating any downloadable content, like marketing collaterals, whitepapers, etc., as most customers are not too interested in studying the website in depth and thus, the website content is enough to convince them to purchase the products.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget SEO

There is no point in translating your website if your customers cannot even find it. Be sure that the translators you hire; must keep this aspect in mind, while translating the content. It is imperative that the translators optimize the website using SEO keywords and phrases from the translated language.

Tip #4:  Watch the Character Space

Translating from one language to other can increase or decrease the space that your content occupies. Most Asian languages take more space when translated from English. Be sure to design the website in a way that it has additional space to accumulate content if the character length increases.

Tip #5: Hire a Professional Translator

Given the complexity of language translation, it would be wise to opt for a professional translation services provider. It is hard to find the right company with an expert team of linguists who have the experience of handling translation projects similar to yours.

So if you want to get your website translated into Chinese, we are the ones you should get in contact with; as we are one of the best English to Chinese translators around. Feel free to contact us any time in our China, USA and Canada offices.